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I am more or less 1/2 Finnish (FI), 1/4 Swedish (SE), 1/8 Irish (IE), 1/16 German (DE), and 1/16 Swiss (CH), and this is my genealogy page.

Index of Surnames, Farm/House Names

Andersdotter, Bergquist, Biogn, Burt, Danielson, Eriksdotter, Fagernäs, Finne, Häkkinen, Hämäläinen, Hederstedt, Hedquist, Henriksson, Hermunen, Ikävalko, Ingles, Käld, Kiuru, Kronqvist (Kronquist), Kumpulainen, Kylänpää, Lassila, Lyttarre, Marken, Mattjus, Mattsdotter, Moriarity, Nord, Nuutintytar, Ora, Pääkkönen, Pahnanen, Pananen, Parkkali, Saastamoinen, Sandström, Sandsund, Skyttä, Thomasson, Tiitto, Wakkilainen, Yrjontytar and others...

Please feel free to place a genealogical query, comments, suggestions, etc in one, or even both, of my Guestbooks. Someone who reads it later may have the answers that you are looking for.

If no guestbook is available please e-mail me with what you would like to put in it and I'll add it later.

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